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Embracing technology

Our Mission

The mission of the Organic Farm Innovation Expo is simple. Find technology that works with (not limited to) organic crop farming.

Find equipment, technology and products that are innovative and / or solve problems that either we or our clients are facing.

We recognize these problems are widespread – From record management (field activity, population maps, harvest records) to marketing grain, and from equipment issues to agronomy solutions.

It is our goal to build a networking platform for serious farms to meet with quality vendors, and help both parties succeed. 

Why We Built This

About The Event

At Crop Fertility Services, we started with a field day to unveil how beneficial a precision cultivator with a camera guided slide hitch, as well as a tine weeder could be to help manage weed control on organic farms, specifically in row crops.

Our first event had a turnout of +/- 75 people.

Building a network

For Like Minded Organic Farmers

The feedback was extraordinary, and the common question was “will you host another event next year? I’ll be telling my friends and neighbors about this!” So, the OFI Expo was born.

As we looked deeper into our own network as well as our personal farms, we began to look at patterns that we felt attributed to our success, and began to use OFI Expo as a platform to share these tools and techniques with others in the organic industry.

Technology plays a far larger role than we would have initially given credit to. The further we looked into technology, the more we wanted to share.

Now, OFI Expo has become our tool to share with other serious farmers about successful organic farming methods and techniques, and to create more sustainable practices and yields year in year out with better methods of controlling weeds.