The Boehlerit brand was established in 1932 for the carbide production of the Böhler Steelworks in Dusseldorf, Germany. A second carbide production centre was established at Kapfenberg/Austria in 1950, at what is now the world headquarters of the Boehlerit Group. Boehlerit today has production and sales locations in Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, China, the USA, Poland, Brazil and Mexico. Boehlerit is at home on virtually every continent and in 40 leading industrial nations working hand-​in-hand with exclusive sales partners and its partners in the Bilz Group.

Since 1991, Boehlerit has been a part of the Leitz Corporate Group in Oberkochen/Germany and is thus a part of the group of companies owned by the Brucklacher family (Bilz, Boehlerit and Leitz). Boehlerit employs 800 experienced employees (500 in Kapfenberg) 4,000 worldwide in the Leitz Corporate Group. 5 % of its annual turnover of around 115 million euros in the Boehlerit Group is invested directly in research and development every year. Using state-​of-the art analytical methods and profiting from its close cooperation with universities and research institutes, Boehlerit generates a constant flow of new products and solutions revolving around carbides and their use for cutting and wear-​protection. All of this has made the innovation factory Boehlerit one of the world’s leading providers of customized solutions and services for industries with the most demanding applications.

In 2015 developed carbide tipped farming tools for organic farming, please see link below!