Bio Flora

We have been providing inputs for organic farmers since the early 1970s. Our tag line “Nature Knows Best” encompasses our approach to products. We offer a range of OMRI certified products that have been improving crop and soil health to increase customers profitability for over 45 years. Our products are designed to stimulate the soil microbe environment, improve crop growth, stimulate root growth, protect crops from diseases, and provide nutrients to the crops. BioFlora began expanding into Midwest in 2017 focusing growth in Nebraska. Currently, our growth focus is in Minnesota and the Dakotas. In 2020 BioFlora products were used on just over 4,000 acres in Minnesota and the Dakotas. In 2023, BioFlora products were used on just over 180,000 acres with many of those acres receiving multiple different BioFlora products this year. In Nebraska, BioFlora products were used on nearly a million acres in the 2023 crop year.

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